Using Proto-Chip n
THE BEST Surface Mount Device Designers Board!


THE NEW PROTO-CHIP n' DIP (on the side) Boards ARE IN!!

SEE the Proto-Chip n' DIP right here!!
3.5" x 5" NEW Proto-Chip n' DIP!! Over 500 DIP pads to put your PIC micros, etc, on board....

SOIC-Wide & Narrow, SSOP, TSOP32, SC70-6, SOP32, SOT89, 143, 223, and DIP on the side!!

SImilar to the original Proto-Chip, but with added packages, and DIP Proto area.

SEE the NEW TSSOP-PLCC board just in!

NOW-The NEW PLCC ProtoBoard is HERE!

THE BEST of Both Worlds, Colliding!
Where else, but THE BEST SMD Prototyping Site on the Net, if not the globe!

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Proto-Chip n' DIP 2
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Proto-Chip & Chip n' DIP 2
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TSSOP 0.5 mm
TSSOP 0.65 mm
SSOP 0.8 mm
Proto-Chip Index

56 pin TSSOP and 24 pin SOIC pads on 1 side with Proto-Chip pads for discretes. Rectangular PLCC from 8 to 32 pins, on back side.

Will fit some small Square PLCC's also. Has Proto-Chip pads on this side also. The leads go to a 34 pin ribbon header connector on each side (2 connectors) with some pins open for wiring other signals on/off the board, or to the Proto-Chip pads.

The board is made of FR-4, 0.062" thick, size is 2.05" x 2.25". TSSOP traces are 0.012"/0.3 mm and pitch is 0.025"/0.65 mm. An SOIC can fit on every other trace in TSSOP area! Or IC DIP SOCKETS!

The SOIC area is 24 pins, with 8 of the pins going to the Proto-Chip pads.

The PLCC side is 0.025" tracks/pitch. This side is user configurable, by cutting out the tracks to fit your Rectangular/Square PLCC - LCC from 8 to 32 pins.

This board can be used for one or the other, possibly both, depending how you configure the PLCC side and the size of PLCC, and use a SOIC with discrete parts on both sides!

Trying to make a difference with your imagination and prototyping skills. Cut up the board to make smaller boards to fit your rework, or enclosure.

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$6.95 $5.95
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