TSSOP Panel of 4 different Pitch parts.
It has 1.75
You have just found THE BEST Surface Mount Device Designers BreadBoard Site!


THE NEW PROTO-CHIP Family of SMD BreadBoards ARE Now Available!!

SEE the QFP and TSSOP-SOIC Panels!
1.5" and 1.75" square SMD protoboards, NOT Just Adapters!

SOIC-Wide & Narrow, SSOP, TSOP32, SC70-6, SOP32, SOT23, 89, 143, 223, 0603 to 1206!!

Ground planes, Power traces, SMD wire pads and micropads!

I now have a Proto-Chip Index page, with all my products on 1 page, not all pix yet. APRIL 2005. Summer is not here yet, but the SMD board wars are just getting started! Get your SMD circuits built up on the BEST SMD Breadboards available! See the Soldering article and Capacitors info page, HUGE Links pages for electronics, and Test Equipment, Radios, restoration, etc. More links coming soon.

THE BEST of Both Worlds, Colliding!
Where else, but THE BEST SMD Prototyping Site on the Net, if not the globe!

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TSSOP 0.5 mm
TSSOP 0.65 mm
SSOP 0.8 mm
10 K Ohm 1.4 W 5% Resistor
Proto-Chip Index
Proto-Chip JR

Currently 0 boards left of this product. It will not be reordered. 9-21-09


32 Pin TSSOP 0.8 mm pitch footprint going to pads on 0.100" centers. Put headers on and solder to larger board or plug into white protoboards.
SOIC area for putting regular or WIDE IC's or using it for building larger discrete circuits.

Use the traces to put 1206/0805/0603 parts across, and cut them to fit your circuitry. Lots of room to put many caps and resistors on this board to SOIC or 0.8 mm pitch parts.

Use some imagination to make prototype circuits! This is better than cutting your own protoboards or making breadboards from the laser crap.
Use the Proto-Chip SMD pads to wire up discrete parts and the micro pads to make traces or use as solder pads for transistors, etc.

Ground plane on back, power traces on board edges, Solder mask on top and bottom. Fits most regular width pitch IC's. Always the BEST SMD Protoboards.

On Sale!
$6.95 $5.95
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10 K Ohm 1.4 W 5% Resistor
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