Using Proto-Chip is EASY! YOU can use MANY different devices, and connect them how YOU want them arranged for a proper layout. You are not limited in how many parts can be assembled on a board. Design it the way YOU want, before soldering parts on PCB. When satisfied with YOUR layout, cut away traces not needed, solder them down on circuit board, and add jumper wires to other parts on PCB. Make your circuit in less time, and less hassle!!
THE BEST Surface Mount Device Breadboards!

First it was Proto-Chip!

Then, THE NEW PROTO-CHIP n' DIP (on the side) was released!!

And then a TSSOP and QFP board for rectangular and small square QFP's.

Now, the latest Surface Mount Breadboards - The NEW, Improved Proto-Chip n' DIP 2!

Proto-Chip n' DIP 2, now has 5 different IC pin spacings!

All 4 boards have the ability to place 0603 to 1210 packages, SOT23's, SOIC chips and the larger ones have the DIP holes, spaced 0.10" centers.

The NEW TSSOP-Panel board can have TSSOP/MSOP/SSOP type parts on it with 0.025"/0.635-0.65 mm and 0.5 mm pitch.

SEE THE PCB INDEX LINK on the main page.

THE BEST of Both Worlds, Colliding!
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