Using Proto-Chip is EASY! YOU can use MANY different devices, and connect them how YOU want them arranged for a proper layout. Design it the way YOU want, before soldering parts on PCB. When satisfied with YOUR layout, solder them down and cut away traces not needed in circuit and add jumper wires to other parts of PCB. Make your circuit in less time, and less hassle!!
Thank you for making us THE BEST Surface Mount Device Designers Board Choice!

Proto-Chip! And the rest of the family.

THE NEW PROTO-CHIP n' DIP 2 (on the side) Boards ARE IN!!

SEE the Proto-Chip n' DIP 2 ABOVE!!
3.5" x 5" NEW Proto-Chip n' DIP 2!! Over 500+ DIP pads to put your PIC micros, PLCC sockets, Flash/EEPROM, etc, on board....

SOIC-Wide & Narrow, T/SSOP, TSOP32, MSOP, SC70-6, SOP32, SOT89, 143, 223, and DIP on the side!!

SImilar to the original Proto-Chip, but with added packages, and DIP Proto area.

SEE the NEW TSSOP-PLCC board just in!

NOW-The NEW PLCC ProtoBoard is HERE!

THE BEST of Both Worlds, Colliding!
Where else, but THE BEST SMD Prototyping Site on the Net, if not the globe!

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Questions before ordering? Check here first!
Presently, we are only accepting Checks, Money Orders, and PayPal. ProPay is used for credit cards, VISA and MC ONLY, through the shopping cart.

Just choose to pay with the option you want. Shopping Cart Orders are taken through the Proto-Chip order links, on left side of main page. Click on the LINK, then enter the quantity you want to order, (edit the number if more than 1), and proceed.

The shopping cart will guide you through the process. Fill in all the blanks, don't leave any open ones, the cart will ask for more info. Pick a shipping option.

An email confirmation will be sent to you upon finalizing the order process. IF YOU CHOOSE PAYPAL in the shopping cart, BE SURE TO FINISH TRANSACTION AT PAYPAL.

Use any paypal logo, except the BUY ME NOW buttons. Those are for buying a board through PayPal directly.

Using the shopping cart, you can pick what payment processor(ProPay or PayPal), pick your shipping options - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, - DO NOT USE UPS OR FED EX! PLEASE!

The Discount Manager is FINALLY WORKING! 11-49 boards get 5%, 50-99 boards get 10% off total, EXCEPT DURING SUMMER SALE!

Q Do you guarantee your products or services?
A Yes, we offer a 10 day satisfaction guarantee on all products as long as you return the product in unsoldered, original condition with the original packaging materials. We do not accept any boards that have been soldered on and damaged. Please email or call for return information.

Q What if I don't want to give my credit card over the Internet?
A That's fine, simply continue through the ordering process until it asks you for a credit card number, then simply choose "check" or "Money Order" as a payment option and we will receive your order electronically. You can pay with a credit card through PayPal, at their site.

Check the PayPal option when filling out the shopping cart, then go to the PayPal site to finish the transaction.

If you don't have a PayPal account, it is free to open one. You can get $5.00 from PayPal, when opening a new account, using the links below or elsewhere, on this site!

You can simply write us a check, or get a Money Order or Cashiers check from your bank, and as soon as we receive payment, we'll ship your order. What ever feels safer for you.

WE NEVER SEE YOUR CARD #'s, and don't want to! ProPay takes orders in SECURE MODE, see the little lock when you go to the shopping cart.

Personal Checks take 7 to 10 days to clear, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, or PayPal credit card orders ship within a day or two after receipt. We usually are very fast shippers!

You can also use PayPal to transfer money from checking or savings to us electronically, or use credit cards, depending how YOU set up YOUR PayPal account. Its FREE to set up and use a personal account with them. ORDERS RECEIVED AFTER 1 PM EST, will ship NEXT Day. ALL Orders received on Fridays and weekends, will ship on Mondays.

PayPal payments are made to, or Order Proto-Chip Here

Q What other services do you offer?

Other Services available are as follows:
Schematics; Prototype circuit board layout and Gerber generation; Final Artwork for pcb fabrication;
Electronic Design Quality Analysis of YOUR submitted PCB schematic, BEFORE layout starts (to ensure a good, working prototype, or trust your own judgement);
Test Equipment Design for prototype circuits; Testing Processes;
Surface Mount and Through hole assembly of Prototype circuit boards, and other assemblies;
Delivery of finished circuit boards to customer location, Prototype Assembly, by hand (on small orders) or machine, I can set up assembly contractor for you.

Any of these services, OR, a combination of all the above as a package.