Using Proto-Chip SMD Breadboards to build Prototype circuits, is EASY! YOU can use MANY different devices, and up to 6 different IC footprints. Just connect them how YOU want them arranged for a proper layout. Design it the way YOU want, before soldering parts on PCB. When satisfied with YOUR layout,  and cut away traces not needed in circuit. Solder parts down, add jumper wires to other parts of PCB. Make your circuit in less time, and less hassle!!
THE BEST Surface Mount Device Designers Board!

Proto-Chip! See the rest of the family, designs for TSSOP and Mixed TSSOP/SOIC footprints.

THE NEW 1.75" square TSSOP Panel Boards ARE IN!!

SEE the NEW 1.75" square TSSOP PANEL board is in ALSO!

Check out the PLCC ProtoBoard for building microcontrollers or robots!

THE BEST of Both Worlds, Colliding!
Where else, but THE BEST SMD Prototyping Site on the Net, if not the globe!

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My name is Kristen McNeill, I am a fifth grade teacher, and I have been using your page: in my class for a while now, I hope you don't mind, it is a wonderful resource and has a lot of great information on it!

I also wanted to let you know of a nice resource on electric projects one of my students stumbled across: . I was thinking this might be a good addition to your web page. If you do end up using this page can you do me a favor and thank Brian? He would be very excited to know that you found his link useful!

Have a wonderful day

-Kristen McNeill

Your boards look absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for providing such an economical and technologically superior product!!
Joshua Newman, CTO AutomaticLogic DBA

First, I love your boards - they've saved me a lot of time at the bench.

I am going to try to wirebond to one of the pads on the board. I need to know what metal is on the surface of the board to do this - can you tell me? (63% Pb/37% Tin)

You have a real valuable product, that the industry needs now! Again, good luck
in the years to come, see you in the Newark Catalog!
Tom Gleeman
San Diego, CA

I do very small designs for disabled families.
Like a few people, prototype boards are hard to come by that are universal, and work!
Looking at your design I am shocked at my self I never came up with one like this before.

Saw your great new product today and was wondering if you will ship to the UK, or if you have a distributer that I could buy them off in England?

Designs I would like to see if the current one does not support it is one that would be able to mount the Analog Devices series of accceleromemters.

Keep up the good work, wish I'd thought of your idea! I've often thought when ordering components, why no one made prototype boards for SMD components?


'the problem that is that the vast majority of educational establishments use breadboards to construct circuits because its easier to trouble-shoot, and probably cheaper because they can use the same parts again and again.'"

"Also the majority of components that are taught on a sylabus, are availible in packages other than SMD."

"I was only interested in them because I build Autonomous Robots, and some components such as sensors, and other free samples are only available in SMD."

"If you find some one in the UK to supply your boards, then keep me informed please!"

"Keep me informed of developments!"
United Kingdom

"Missed out on the bidding for this item. Any idea who makes it?"

eBay member: benbobbie

(from eBay auction questions to me. 1/18/02)

'what I would like to see is 8 and 16 pin soic outline,
on a little board with pins like an 8 or 16 pin DIP.
Because some of the DIP chips I have been using, only come in
SOIC now, the bastards!! And Aries is ludicrously expensive in Australia, at least.'"
AUTHOR: Paul Perry
DATE: 11/19/02 03:13

(Editors note: See the PROTO-CHIP ODERING PAGE for instructions on how to USE Proto-Chip to make
a bunch of SOIC to DIP Adapters! on Main Page - lower left side!!PROTO-CHIP ORDER LINK! ON THIS PAGE TOO!!!

"Very interesting. "
"I have a friend that began using SMT for a few projects, not guitar related, but I'm sure he will be interested."
"By the same occasion, I could."
AUTHOR: Gilles C
DATE: 11/19/02 08:29
(Ed. )GO SEE

"Can I purchase your SMD prototype board from anyone here in Australia, or are they only available direct from you?"

L. E. C.
Design Technician
Raytheon Australia, Technical Services
See for a Distributor in New Zealand!

"Hi Leif,
Looking forward to using these boards on my pending project."
Website order from:
L. W. G. , Prime Design Consulting - P.D.C. LLC
"Electronic Product Engineering" Specializing in - PCB Layout, PLD Design,
Microprocessor/Interfacing, and Video. 11/27/2002

"Hi Leif"
I was forwarded the message you had sent about your ProtoBoard for SMD parts.
This week I will bring it up at our new product meeting and see what the consensus is. If they did give the green light to pursue it further I would first have to get a sample to take a look at it and see if it would be somthing we would be interested in distributing, as well as pricing, mins, etc'......."
Digi-Key representative - 11/28/02
Editor - He should have the board by now!
12/07/02 Pearl Harbor Day - "A Day that will live in infamy!!"

"Dear Leif,
The SMT prototyping board I purchased from you on e-bay (Ebay auction 1921399636) arrived in the mail today. I just wanted to thank you for the prototyoping boards. They are VERY NICELY done and of very good quality. The tin plating and the ground plane on the bottom of the board is a nice touch. This is a very good product at a very reasonable price. Thanks again, Frank Rose

Dear Leif,
You are free to use my letter if you like. And if you want, you can also use my full name and city (Frank Rose, Lake Forest, CA). I really think you have a winning product here. If you can get Digikey to carry your product, this will be an added plus. After years of using through hole parts and IC's, I am just now starting to use SMT parts in my designs. But I have noticed that there isn't much to help do prototype designs using SMT. The best I have seen is the surf boards, where I buy a little board for each type of SMT part, like a SOP footprint, or a TSSOP, etc. But the problem here is that you have to buy several different little boards that you cobble together to get your final circuit. Mainly because your design might use 2 or 3 different types of SMT IC footprints. That's why I like your design. It looks like I can fit 2 or 3 chips on the single board, and there are pads to put the discrete parts on, like resistors and caps. So your board is a lot more versitle and useful. I plan to try out your proto board on a function generator design I have in mind. When I get it done, I will send you some photos of it that you can use if you want. By the way, how much does the chip & dip board cost, I might want to buy one of those, too. In fact, could you send a list of the different SMT prototyping boards you have with pricing? Thanks, Sincerely, Frank

"Do you know a cheap source for mixed bags of SMD parts? I looked at DigiKey, Jameco, Allelectronics and BGMicro. Any suggestions?

"Came across this package - a little pricey but a nice mix of resistors, caps and zeners. Thanks for the links below. All had good stuff to look at. :-) chuckc

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002 17:55:03 -0500 Leif Erickson wrote: > Hi Chuck(Charles), > > Have you looked at ? They > are another place to look. JDR is another.
> Alltronics also.
> I am not sure what any minimum orders are for these.
Do a search for electronic parts suppliers, surplus electronic parts and such. - this is a place to look around for some neat sound stuff, mainly guitar fuzz box stuff, but some of these guys sell boards for their kits and have parts too!
I have a few ads there in the listings, but some interesting kits and schematics, some with boards and how to make your own boards from scratch, soldering tips, etc....

I have seen an optinemail saying you are looking for companies to distribute your SMD boards.
You may like to take a look at the Logic Research Electronics web site. I'm sure these boards would be a great addition to our growing list of products.
Managing Director Logic Research Electronics Limited - New Zealand 12/11/02

Hi Leif Nice Web site, As soon as I get somthing onto your SM proto boards I will send you a Picture of it. I realy liked the design thats y I went ahead and bid on the second proto board. And I may even do it again if money allows! "MyWish list" It would be nice to have a cut apart board that has some SM to Dip adapters in various pin numbers. ex, SOC-8 to Dip-8 etc.. Also some Dip-16's that have the littel sqares for SM caps and resistors would be nice. The little boards can have some .1" SIP header PIN strips soldered into them so they will plug into a 8,14,16 pin socket, if the boards are thru hole plated for easy soldering. What do you think? It will sell, it's a good idea. I Shure would bid on one if it had a few of each adapter and some other goodies on it. Prototyping SM circuits is a bare in the testing phase, This would make it much easier to design and test circuits that are mostly SM and also do changes without messing up the hole thing, since just one module can be changed. As a designer, I know, SM is a pain to test and prove! Let me know what you think? Thanks, Dave

Can you make other kinds pcb boards? I want my own design? BR>

Yes I do that......Leif

Well I'm trying to build a PWM fan controller board for my PC. I'll let > ya know how it goes. I don't have a lot of experience in doing this but > figured I'll give it a shot. > > Thanks > Matt

Do some searches on PWM controllers, for more info, if not already done. Remember to use heavy wire for the fan feeds, and on the output leads from Proto-Chip, to handle the current. Use bypass caps on ALL chips, and the incoming power supply!

Thanks for the information...I really appreciate it. I couldn't find any specs or anything on the website you sent me regarding a fan controller but I'll do more combing through the website this weekend after I get the chips and all in. Thanks again Matt

Hi, My name is Paul Debono, a technician. Your boards are an excellent solution, especially to experimenters, hobbyist, radio amateurs and others with limited pcb production resources. Are you represented in my part of the world ? I am interested. Malta is in a very strategic position, and we are going to join the EU in MAY next year. Paul Debono May 29, 2003 08:04:50 (GMT Time)

Good stuff! Good prices! Beats the heck out of a 'surfboard'. Ken Conroy, Lake Zurich, IL

I have not seen a product exactly like yours. A big advantage you have over the "big" firms is that you can listen to your customers and implement changes very quickly. I hope you do well. Best regards, Jeff

I am a professor in the enginering department at California State University, Long Beach. I am really impressed with your board but need one with the the ability to mount a 44-pin PLCC device. I have two classes, each with 30 students that would jump at the purchase of your board (if it had the 44-pin pad). I teach an embedded processor couse in which we use a 44-pin plcc 8051. The students need to build their own computer but are having a problem finding an affordable way to mount the processor and related surface mount components. Any chance you could consider building the board listed on this auction only adding the ability to mount the 44-pin plcc?
B. Ward Sept. 16, 03
(Editor)The NEW Proto-PLCC board was designed around this request!!!

Are you interested in having an Israeli distributor? If so, please let me know. We have a family business specializing in import-export and I know a few electronics stores which are interested. (As you may recall I already bought one of your boards).
Thanks, R. Anati

Thanks Leif. Looking to get a deal, I can wait a few extra days to save a couple of bucks. Feel free to add me to your email list for new products. I need to build up a couple of vehicle interface circuits and your board looks like the next best thing to rolling a pcb myself. Please consider my suggestion about advertising in ham magazines like QST. You should be able to get a little free press by using the new products section. Hard to work with surface mount, anything that makes it easier is a big plus! Best regards, Jeff 9-03

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nice board as usual,see u later.thanks Buyer minnewhiz Mar-03-05 14:40 3876194124
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