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Assorted Alternative Energy, News Stories, Health Links and Resources to HELP GET US OFF THE MANS GRID, Use Less OIL, Keep your self healthy!

And Inform the Masses of the TRUTH! Does your Doctor help you keep healthy? Do you know what the Politicians ARE REALLY UP TO? Know what the "Codex" is? Taking away your vitamins and supplements! Still using Aspartame, or Diet pop? See the cancer warning below!

There are new links for Colloidal Silver information, and Tube Audio/Guitar Amps. I have fired up the PO amp, and its a mean nasty little amp! See pix on amp build link below!

Will get around to changing the news, but we already know most of that. Don't depend on your gubbment to provide for you, in need.Remember New Orleans!

Alternatives - To Most Important info - Health, Real NEWS, ENERGY Issues -Finally GAS is going down, but for how long? VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS, and start over!

Maybe Foley, Hastert, Abrahamoff, and all the other lovely politicians and friends are making way too much money off us? And spending too much time on 'extra-curricular' activities, that should lead to a long federal prision term?

Instead of doing what we voted them into office for, to look out FOR US, they lined their pockets and friends wallets, and got their jollies at our (tax payers) expense!

Or maybe the NEW LAWS just passed, destroying the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and turning the USA into something that resembles Rome, before its fall from power? Or how about the North American Union? Or the NAFTA SUPER HIWAY?

History, repeats itself.....history repeats itself....

October, 2006

REAL NEWS - Links to sites

Steve Quayle - Check his links and Prep sites, Stan Deyo's earthquake maps..Shortwave radio program! START HERE!! See his other sites!!
Northeast Intelligence Network - Daily updates
Urban Survival - News You can Use!
Jeff Rense - News
Arctic Beacon - A News Revolution Has Begun!
Aspartame Causes Cancer in Rats at Levels Currently Approved for Humans and more!
Congressman Ron Paul - A Decent Politician
Check your pocket for silver and COPPER!
Jim Sinclair's Financial site - Must Read!
What Really
World Net Daily

Watch that finger, buddy!

You WON'T SEE THIS REPORTED IN MAINSTREAM NEWS! Can't have the people rising up and interfering in the "scheme of things"...

Consider this page a WAKE UP CALL, for all of us! Too many are sitting on the couch, and not paying attention to what is REALLY going on!

Do you feel like the gerbil on the wheel to nowhere? Our jobs going overseas, rights being trampled or removed? Where will it end up?

RFID chips, National ID cards, forced mental screening for our children, are all in the works NOW! How much longer will we wait, to take action?

Write or call your Senator or CON-gressperson about anything that bugs you, about what they are, or ARE NOT DOING for us, but in a nice way, so they will listen!

Scalar Energy and Technology, Weather Modification, New Energy Devices

LOTS of Interesting site links - TONS of Links!
FREE Thinking - FREE Energy. Lots of animated gifs showing physics in action.
Chemtrails - From a PILOTS View!!
SCALAR TECHNOLOGY with Lt. Col. Tom Bearden - Just a beginning
Tom Bearden Bio !!!
Tom Bearden - SCALAR TECHNOLOGY - A New Energy Source, in use already? Ex-Weapons Scientist
Velikovsky's Electric Universe Article!!! Could open someone's hailing frequency!

Alternative Energy Ideas and Sources Energy News
Alternative Energy News
Home Power Magazine - GOOD Place to Look!
Charging Systems
Energy Matters - Main Menu
Wind Energy Information - Statistics, Magazines, Networks, ... Wind Energy Resources
Small Wind Turbine Gallery - Introduction to small wind generators
Discover Alternative Energy Sources Now

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Solar - Active, PhotoVoltaic, Passive Ideas and Sources

Car and Deep Cycle Battery FAQ, Battery Manufacturers and Brand Names List, and Battery References and Information Links List
Solar Cells!! KITS!!
Solar Battery Chargers for every need
Federal Tax Credit Renewable Energy at Go Solar Powered
Solar Electric Basics.pdf
Electronic Design Articles
A "High-Amp" PV Charge Controller
Mother Earth News: The passive solar home: past mistakes - solar design checklist
AAA Solar
Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc.
AeroVironment Inc.
Affordable Super Solar Homes
Alternative Energy Downloads
Arizona Solar Center - Technology - Solar Hot Water, A Primer (Home Power Magazine)
Arizona Solar Center, Your Source for Solar Energy Information
ASES - The American Solar Energy Society panels,tracker,solar energy smart battery charger
Battery Charger Ideas
Battery Storage FAQ
Solar Battery wiring schematics for solar electric systems
Build Your Own Solar Panel: Generate Electricity from the Sun
Chapter 3: Electrochemistry
Charge controller information
Chase Power Consultation, Design and Equipment Sales
Circuit drawing of DC/AC inverter (2)
CirKits Links to Alternative Energy Web Sites
Clean Energy Grid Tied Systems:, Online Solar, Inc.---Solar Panels and Solar Systems
Collectors Mart - Solar Surplus Page
Conscious Choice: Solar Energy Resources
Department - Ideas For Design
Design criteria for the semiconductor / sensitiser interface in novel nanocrystalline photovoltaic devices
Discover Circuits - Solar Cell Circuits
DSIRE: Incentives by State: Incentives in Michigan
EDN Access--11.20.97 Shunt battery charger provides 1A continuous current
EERE: Solar Energy Technologies Program Home Page
Electronic Projects
Electronics Infoline - free electronic circuit diagram, electronics schematics, datasheet, project directory for professionals ∓ hobbyists
Energy Alternatives - Alternative Energy sources, alternate energy, solar panel, photovoltaics, wind mills, solar cells
ETA Engineering -Solar Power Residential Grid-Tie Systems
FC's Solar Circuits
Google Search: photovoltaic battery charger controller plans
Google Search: photovoltaic circuits
Home Electrical Wiring Projects Made Easy With Help From the Internet Electrician
Home Wiring Repairs in the Real World
How to use what God gave us.
Howstuffworks "How Solar Cells Work"
Interact on KeelyNet Mail List: Searches ∓ Inverters
Inverter info
Los Angeles solar electric system installation
Metcalf Solar Power ∓ Light
Midwest Renewable Energy Association
More Home made generator projects!
Morningstar - The World's Leading Solar Controllers.
My Home Photovoltaic (PV) Power System
N5ESE's Portable Solar Charger 2000
NFPA :: Publications :: necdigest® :: necdigest® Magazine :: necdigest® archives :: Fall 2003 :: 2005 Code Revisions
Ni-Cad Battery Charger
NOAA Solar Calculators
OFFgrid Living
Photovoltaic info
Photovoltaic Module Businesses in the World
Photovoltaic Power Systems and the NEC
Photovoltaic Solar Power Regulator and Load Control
Photovoltaics - PV Basics
Power Calculators for quick conversions.
Power from Sun - Your Affordable Guide
power inverter schematic
PV Power:PV Web Sites
PV Control.pdf
Real Goods - Products For An Ecologically Sustainable Future
Recommended links about solar energy from Chase Power
Renewable Energy Education ∓ Discussion
Renewable Energy | Home Page
Repairing Broken Solar Panels
SCC2 10 Amp Solar Charge Controller
SCC3 - 12 Volt 20 Amp Solar Charge Controller
Silicon Solar Cells!!
Broken Silicon Solar Cells!!
Do It Yourself Silicon Solar Cell Panels!!
Wholesale Silicon Solar Cells!!
Search Result - Silicon Chip Online
Shell Solar Panels (formerly Siemens) - Solar Electric Supply
Silicon Photovoltaic Cells, Photodiodes and Phototransistors
Simpler Solar - Mother Earth Articles here!
Solar info
Solar Battery Charger
Solar Cell Circuits - Electronic Solar Charger Circuit - Battery Solar Charger
Solar Cells,charge controller,Inverters, panels, Solar ovens, concentrators, fresnel lens
Solar Electric
Solar Electric Panels at the Lowest Prices!
Solar Electric Supply - Panels, Inverters and Complete Systems
Solar Electric Wiring Diagrams
Solar Electricity from Solutions
Solar Energy Businesses in the World
Solar Haven - self sufficient living without utility costs or a big mortgage
Solar Panel Charge Controller / Low Voltage Disconnect Circuit (SPC1)
Solar Panel controller using PICmicro and PIC BASIC
Solar Panel Current Meter
Solar power 101: Batteries by Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM Issue #87
Solar power 101: Inverters by Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM Issue #89
Solar Powered Items - Solar Electric Equipment
Solar SLA charger
Solar Survival Tools
Solar-powered schematics
Solarwarrior Survival ∓ Free and low cost renewable energy solutions
SPC2 6 Amp Solar Power Center
SunWind - Solar Electricity
System Design Page. A Solar Power Primer.
the Discussion Board || Building with solar cells
the Discussion Board || Make your electricity from scratch!
the Discussion Board || Solar
THE TESLA SWITCH from The Encyclopedia of free energy,,energy 21 org ,Geoff Egel
U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Home Page
Tim Nolan
UO SRML: Sun chart program
Yahoo! Groups : offgrid living and homesteading
Your Own Energy! True Freedom With Your Own Energy From Sun Wind and Water.
Solarbuzz: Portal to the World of Solar Energy
: Million Solar Roofs
Residence Sizing
Solar power can be a practical power source when using advanced photovoltaic equipment.
NCPV Home Page
WisconSUN - Learn
North Carolina Solar Center
Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) -- A Research Institute of the University of Central Florida
Arizona Solar Center, Your Source for Solar Energy Information - All your solar energy and solar systems information, including prices e-commerce
Alternative Energy Systems, Solar Energy, Free Energy
Solar Power - Free Solar Power
Battery Charger

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"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."---Thomas Jefferson

“It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for, if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” — Henry Ford

FINANCE - (Survival in the New Ecomomy)

Live Market Quotes
Gold Eagle Metals Info! Good site!
Urban Survival  Free Daily Economic News Update Page - Great Stuff!
Precious Metal Experts - The Capital Gold Group
Steve Quayle News and Alerts - Great site! and SW Program
The Silver Bear Cafe
Weekly Gold Stock Report
Gold .:. ShareLynx Gold .:. Gold Charts .:. Gold Markets .:. Gold Articles .:. Precious Metals info
Bulletproof Retirement

"There should be no war upon property or the owners of property. Property is the fruit of labor; property is desireable; is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, hence, is just encouragement to industry and enterprise."

"I have two great enemies: the Southern Army in front of me, and the financial institutions to my rear. Of the two, the one in my rear is my greatest foe..."


Alternative (to Mainstream BS) News, Shocking Truth and Documents backing it up!

My old "gun"!! An 8" M110-A2 Howitzer, is nuke capable!! 25+ miles downrange... Bring em on...!

Technorati - Whats on the Weblogs NOW!
2Slick's Forum Former Army Black Hawk Pilot. Deployed to Iraq with the 101st Airborne from Feb '03 to Jan '04 - Visitor Submitted UFO Photographs
Bring 'em On! Forum
David Sadler For Congress
Joe Vialls News Barbara Ehrenreich January 2005 issue
The Surfing The Apocalypse Network - Forum Message Index
Rumor Mill -forum
Intuitive Flash Home
Jeff Rense Program - Nationwide Radio And Global On The Internet
Joe Vialls, Private Investigator, Exposing Media Disinformation
Look Up To The Sky
Project Prove
Steve Quayle's World It's a Blast!
The Adams ∓ Aspden Motor Patent
St.Clair's Passage 11 - World Astrology ∓ Predictions
The Official Graham Hancock Website Forum
The Writings of Greg Palast
Welcome to the World of Steve Quayle!
YOWUSA.COM - Netizens for Spin-Free News
..:: ReOpen 9/11 - Catch The Real Terrorists ::..
CAFRs Are the True State of the State, Not Budgets - Where YOUR TAX MONEY WENT!!!
America prophecy of China-Russia nuclear attack
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Historical Review Press - the revisionist publisher of the world
The Disclosure Project - Home Page
911 on Trial - WTC Revisited
Hour of the Time - The Quest for truth begins here.
Earth Changes TV Mitch Battros Earthchanges on Earth Changes TV
McMurdo Base Antarctica
Midwest Technology Journal
Conspiracy Planet - The Alternative News ∓ History Network
Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program
THE BOLEN REPORT 2005® Daily Health Fraud News
Scoop: UQ Wire: 9/11 In Never-Neverland
American Free Press
Take Action for Constitutional Government
Researchers Record The Screams of the Damned
Secret Archives of the Vatican
Brother Jonathan Gazette
Phelps: Chemtrails Overview
Your BB Sucks - BREAKING NEWS: Dick Cheney Behind 9/11 Attacks - MUST READ
The Revere Radio Network
AR13 - TESLA ∓ MARCONI By David Hatcher Childress
A letter adressed to "the sheeple" from "The Globalist NWO" |
Guardian Unlimited | Life
THE thinking person's online news source for politics, prophecy, science and mystery
NewsTarget Network covering natural health, medicine and technology
The Lou Gentile Show
The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe
Al Martin Raw: Political, Economic ∓ Financial Intelligence
Informant News
THE online news source for daily updates featuring politics, prophecy, science and mystery around the world.
THE thinking person's online news source for politics, prophecy, science and mystery
Report From Iron Mountain: On the Possibility and Desireability of Peace

Laws and Taxes

Non-Filers Are Being Duped by the IRS

Health Related Links - May be needed for the Coming Bird Flu in Winter 2005!

A Herbal Healer Academy - natural medicine, herbs, vitamins, correspondence courses drherbs
Cure Zone - cleanse and cure cancer allergies colitis psoriasis gallstones
Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies!
Home Water Filters and Purifiers - Water Purification and Filtration Systems
International Pharmaceuticals Silver Protein Natural Antibiotic - Advanced Colloidal
Learn Remote Viewing from Major Ed Dames
Mycoplasma from Chemtrails
Park's Gardens: Flowers and Vegetables!
spl's soapbox -- Colloidal Silver
The Herbal Pharmacist
Candida - Newest Breakthroughs
Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center - Alternative Holistic Medicine
Alternative Health
The Detox Store
Detox ∓ Cleansing - Information, Detox Diets, Herbs, Recipes, Plans ∓ More
Physician's Choice: #1 Doctor Recommended Holistic Healthcare Formulas
Detoxification and the Healing Crisis - What is a Detox
OK... aspartame has fattened you up with formaldehyde... Now What?
Stabilized Oxygen OxyDrops, Liquid Electrolytes, Sodium Chlorite Solution - 4 fl. oz.
Super Detox : lowest online price on Super Detox.
Detox, haevy metals, toxicity, exotoxins, endotoxins, detoxification, Australia
electric products from electrical body co
Lesson 7 - The Intestinal System
detox, detoxification, body detoxification, liver detox, alcohol detox, body detox, liver detoxification, rapid detox, detox product, herbal detox products, alcohol detoxification
TDS Meters ∓ Instruments for Water Filters and Purification
Herbal Remedies USA LLC for the best natural herb, vitamin and mineral supplements, alternative medicine products, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and free health information.
Storing Your Oils
Aromatherapy Recipes Using Essential Oils
A Herbal Healer Academy - natural medicine, herbs, vitamins, correspondence courses drherbs

BioElectronics - BioMed Info

Royal Rife Technologies
! Gerardus' Grist ! Q∓A about the Zapper, Orgone Energy and Terminator !
Episode 52: The Power Wand: Everyman's Weapon Against Tyranny-The Adventures of Don ∓ Carol Croft
Robert Beck Devices Sources
Robert Beck Devices Search Engine Results
Master Protocol Description (Continued)
Trading Systems
Alternative Survival Information - Alternative Health
Dr. Bob Beck Forum - electric medicine , Page 8
Dr Royal Rife RifeBare Detoxification
Index -- The Zapper
The Dr. Clark / Don Croft Zapper: Effective Method To Destroy Parasites
Google Answers: bioelectrics
Bulk Herbs from Herbs, Foods, Supplements, Bath ∓ Aromatherapy
Diary of a parasite sufferer
Quackbusters Horse-Whipped in Missouri Supreme Court
Welcome to - Health Journalist
Health Freedom Rights
Cloudbuster ∓ Orgone Generator: How to disperse Chemtrails
Evidence-based guidelines for the management of Lyme disease.
Welcome to Natural Health Clinic! America's 21st Century Health Store...
NHC - Healthy Learning ∓ Living
SARS Report
Healing Celebrations
Colloidal Silver Research and References - Earthborn Products
Nature's Secret: Products - Offering only premium, all-natural nutritional supplements dealing with weight loss, body building, and even sexual intimacy.

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Search Engines and more

Google -- Bigger than you know!
Reverse Phone Directory - Reverse Phone Book and White Pages Reverse Lookup Directory of Telephone Numbers Street Addresses and Names to Find People
Reverse Cell Phone Directory Search - business address locator | reverse cell phone numbers | international telephone listing | people search lookups
Reverse Phone Directory | Reverse Phone Lookup | Phone Numbers
Rare, out of print, antique and used books, maps and prints from
Food Marketing Institute - Facts and Figures
FindArticles - News, Magazines, Reference - On Health, Fitness, Business, Home, Arts, Computers
Thomas Register Directory
Google Maps - Lapeer, MI
Lycos Search - The Business Search Engine® and Business Directory for Business Information

SURVIVAL - of the Fittest, and better prepared!

GRAYHORSE ENTERPRISES, Herbalist, Gemology, Consulting, Lightworker, Musician, Computer Tech
Millennium Ark Emergency Preparedness - Welcome!
The Mark of the BeastThe Symbolist ∓ Mystical Art of Howard David Johnson Contemporary Symbolist Visions of the Apocalypse
TimeBomb 2000 - Timebomb2000
Wind Power
Just because you're Paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you!
Alternative Survival Information - Seeds ∓ Plants
Territorial Seed Company - Home Page
Solareagle - earthRight Solar Alternative Energy Products, Shortwave Radios, Emergency power backup, Wind, Water and Solar Power, Staber high efficiency washing machines
Operation Vampire Killer 2000 - The Lawful Path - Proof! "World Government" is a Banker Ruse
Communications ∓ Signalling FAQ, Versionj 1.12
Mind Shield Project 2012 - Sustainable Development
Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics
Military Backpacks: Major Surplus ∓ Survival
Military Surplus, Army Surplus, Navy Surplus -
Army Surplus for Less
THE SURVIVAL RUCKSACK - Combat survival tips: an eye on alice - Website Review: Brigade Quartermasters

Nuke Hazards - Potassium IODATE sources and info

Potassium Iodide Anti-Radiation Pill FAQ. Iodine pills, tablets, sources.
Radiation Monitor â“ Detector â“ Meter
Potassium iodide, gas mask, emergency/first aid/survival kit, binoculars, colloidal silver, bdu

Water Filters and Purification

Frugal Squirrels Online Store: British Berkefeld Big Berkey
Water Purification
Non hybrid Seeds and Berkefeld water filters - The Ark Institute
British Berkefeld ∓ Doulton water filters and Reverse Osmosis
Water Filtration Systems - Cleaner Water at Purity Planet
Berkefeld Water Filters
Water Filters
eBay Store - Aqua Systems: Sediment Carbon Filters
water filters reverse osmosis membranes water filters
Frugal Squirrels Online Store: British Berkefeld Big Berkey
Black Berkey Filters - The Best! Clean everything!
Troubled Times: Safe Water

Food and Storage

Food storage, organic food, dehydrated food, survival food, emergency food
MRE's ∓ Food Rations The World Leader in Innovative ∓ Affordable Preparedness Gear
AlpineAire Freeze Dried Food, food storage, emergency kit, emergency preparedness, disaster preparedness, mre, water storage, gas masks
Food Containers ∓ Food Container Mfrs. - Thomas Register Directory
Troubled Times: Safe Water


Sun Life Construction
Cordwood Masonry: Earthwood Building School
Emergency Essentials
The Canadian Home of Emergency Preparedness
TimeBomb 2000 - PREP - Diesel gennie alternative(s)
Digital Information Society; /archives/underground/vp

WEATHER - Weather For Active Lives
Unisys Weather Infrared Satellite Image
Weather Underground Marine Weather
2004 Digital Photos
Our Planet Earth from Space: Overview - Satellite Imaging - Wallpaper - Screensaver
Unisys Weather: Visible Satellite Images


Electrochemical tutorials
Questions and Answers
Electrochemistry Dictionary
Reverse electroplating for gold recovery
Chemistry info

Colloidal Silver Info - Antiseptic or Antibiotic? I use it! and make it!

Make the Colloidal Silver Generator II
Making Colloidal Silver - designs and instructions
Sharing Health From the Heart - Beck Protocol - Build Your Own
Sharing Health From the Heart - Beck Protocol - How to make Ionic/Colloidal Silver
The Research of Dr. Robert (Bob) C. Beck, D.Sc.
Colloidal Silver article
Index -- Preparing and Using Colloidal Silver
Description of Colloidal Silver Maker
Preparing Colloidal Silver Solution
Research on Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver Documents and Links
Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver Documents and Links
Colloidal Silver - A Literature Review: Medical Uses, Toxicology, and Manufacturing
Bob Beck's March 7, 1998 Lecture Notes
Welcome to the Dr. Clark Information Center!
XMG Resources: Colloidal Silver
Index -- Colloidal Silver Health and Safety
The Truth About Silver
Exotic Research Report | Vol 1 No 1 | Make Your Colloidal Silver Generator
Automatic colloidal silver generator. Colloid Master 777
Exotic Research Report | Vol 1 No 1 | Make Your Colloidal Silver Generator
Colloidal Silver ∓ Ionic Silver Isolated Ions ∓ Negatively Charged Particles Generators Studies Information
The Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator from
Make the Colloidal Silver Generator III
Make your own Colloidal Silver
Silver Colloids Colloidal Silver Product Reports
Colloidal Silver - Mesosilver
Colloidal silver
Colloidal Silver ∓ Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy
Colloidal Silver Products
H2O2 ( hydrogen peroxide ) and Colloidal Silver
International Pharmaceuticals Silver Protein Natural Antibiotic - Advanced Colloidal
Make Colloidal Silver Yourself it is Easy!
Silver Biotics 8Oz From American Biotech Labs
Silver Biotics, Silver Supplement 8 oz Liquid - American Biotech Labs
Silver Colloids: Colloidal Silver Product Reports
Bio Alternative Medicine Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver ∓ Ionic Silver: Isolated Ions ∓ Negatively Charged Particles | Generators | Studies | Information
How to Make a Do It Yourself Colloidal Silver Generator that Creates Small Particles.
Colloidal Silver Research: Mild Silver Protein and Its Effectiveness Against Internal and Topical Infections
Google Search: Dr. Robert O. Becker, "The Body Electric
Colloidal Silver, an Amazing Alternative to Antibiotics
ALCHEMISTS WORKSHOP Colloidal Silver + Gold Health
Colloidal Silver Historical Background

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