Using Proto-Chip is EASY! YOU can use MANY different devices, and connect them how YOU want them arranged for a proper layout. Even cut them into pieces of circuitry to FIT YOUR APPLICATION!
Design it the way YOU want, before soldering parts on PCB. When satisfied with YOUR layout, solder them down, and cut away traces not needed in circuit, add jumper wires to other parts on the PCB. Make your circuit in less time, and less hassle, AND NOW - MORE Possibilities!!
THE BEST Surface Mount Device Designers Boards!

These are NOT "just another adapter board!"

These SMD breadboards enable you to build up a LARGER, OR smaller (see pic) more complete circuits, along with your SMD chips!

First came Proto-Chip! Our best seller! Use it for building small SOIC, 0603 to 1206 component circuitry, for new designs, or reworking modules! Ground plane on back side.

Second, THE NEW PROTO-CHIP n' DIP (on the side). 3.5" x 5' DIP and SMD pads, (2003) being redesigned as the Chip n' DIP 2! (2004)

Then the TSSOP and Rectangular PLCC Proto-Chip board was added to the product line!! (2003/4) It has been put into redesign also. (1-2005)
TSSOP and PLCC board size is 2.05" x 2.25". I have the new ones in 1.5" size and coming out 2005 with 1.75" size versions.

THE NEW PLCC ProtoBoard was designed for UCLB! A 4" x 4" 20 to 52 pin PLCC project board for micro's and controllers!! Motorola and other processors, maybe even DSP chips? It has 4 SOIC areas, a DB-9 connector, micro protochip pads to the SOIC leads and power traces, Proto-Chip pads, DIP area for sockets and other devices. Has ground plane on back side. SEE Circuit Picture below, and more on Customer Pix page! Order them for school or computer and robotic projects.

SEE the Order Links BELOW LEFT, for more description.

ORDER them ALL right here!

Proto-Chip n' DIP 2, has over 500 DIP pads to put your PIC micros, etc, on board, PLUS these packages.
SOIC-Wide & Narrow, SSOP, TSSOP32, 0.5, 0.55, 0.635. 0.4 mm pitch IC's, SC70-6, SOP32, SOT89, 223, and DIP style parts on the side!!

Similar to the original Proto-Chip, but with added packages, and DIP Proto area.

THE BEST of Both Worlds, Colliding! Where else, but THE BEST SMD Prototyping Site on the Net, if not the globe!

We now have our First Distributor! Logic Research Co. in New Zealand! See their link on the links page!

We are working on a distributor, maybe sometime soon?

All text and boards are Copyrighted Material - 1998-2005

CHECK OUT THE NEW CAPACITORS ARTICLE!! LINK BELOW. Soldering Article UDATED Has SOIC to DIP Adapter Info - Jan. 28, 05.

Search for other SMD Breadboards, see who is out there!! See where Proto-Chip is ranked! Use it for any search!

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Welcome to THE BEST WAY, of building Surface Mount Device(SMD) Electronic Circuits, using Proto-Chip and the NEW Proto-Chip n' DIP, TSSOP/PLCC, and the BIG PLCC breadboards, for mixed SMD & Through Hole technology projects.

Design YOUR OWN Surface Mount Circuits on Proto-Chip, the BEST Way to layout and build Miniature Electronic Circuits.

SALE !! ORDER Proto-Chip TODAY FOR ONLY $6.95 + Shipping.

Uses ALL Standard Size SMT Devices, from 0603 to 1210 size resistors, caps, diodes and transistors, SOT-23, SOIC-8 to 28 pin narrow and wide body chips! Even use larger discrete parts!!

The NEW PROTO-CHIP N' DIP can use all that AND SSOP, SOP32, TSOP32, SC70-6, SOT89, 143, 223!

Price for PCD1 is $11.95 each.

Just solder YOUR circuit onto Proto-Chip, or Proto-Chip n' DIP, remove the traces YOU don't need, to complete YOUR circuit, and wire the ground and power bus where you want!

Fast and Easy! Very little extra wiring needed!!

A NEW PLCC ProtoBoard IS HERE! A 4" x 4", 20 to 52 pin PLCC project board for micro's and controller systems!!
Circuit photo from U. of California, Computer Engineering classes, 8051 PLCC.

Buy 10 or more for Discount Orders (10+ boards), email me, & I will Quote the boards for you.

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New TSSOP and Rectangular PLCC adapter is here. Price for TSPC1 is $6.95. PIX BELOW! ORDER on Link to the left.

NEW TSSOP-PLCC board! 0.0635-0.65 mm pitch for TSSOP parts.

Differential Filter Circuit using 8 pin SOIC and LEADED Discrete parts, on a Proto-Chip.

ALL Boards are Copyrighted Material - (1999 - 2003)

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Enlarged view of Proto-Chop. Shows how parts can be placed and re-arranged to design YOUR circuit for best placement and least amount of wiring!! Then solder in place, cut unneeded traces and finish wiring up circuitry!! 2 traces around board and under the chips are for power and ground connections! Less wiring!!!
This is a Prototyping circuit board you can solder Surface Mount Devices onto, and lay out YOUR OWN Circuit(s) using the existing traces, and cutting out the unwanted traces with a razor knife. You can use the more common SMT resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, and Standard Outline IC's, as shown. These are 0603, 0805,1206 resistors and caps on the board. (Discrete parts can also be soldered on, with a little lead bending). These parts are just placed on board, so you can find the best alternative to your design layout for signal runs, less wiring, close placement. Larger circuits can be built on Proto-Chip, than other SMD boards available. 2 traces run around outside edge for power and ground connections, and go through the middle also. Run a wire to some pads with bus wire for your ground and power feeds near the circuits. Put decoupling cas across the 2 traces, where you need them! Size is 3" Long (76mm) by 2.36" Wide (60mm) and 0.0625" thick (1.5875mm). Back Side is Solid Copper for EMC and Shielding. 1 ounce copper with HASL tin coating for easier soldering.
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HAVE YOUR OWN Circuit board designed! AFFORDABLE, Custom Designed Prototype Circuit Board Layout and design for you! Single, Double Sided, and Multi-Layer boards, and Artwork. EE checks your schematic before layout begins. Will help you get that prototype running with up front quality process! Can also have delivery of finished PCB's to your shop or lab! VERY Competitive FREE quotes on your prototypes!

Order your Custom PCBs here, and get them delivered to your door! Please send an email, as to specifics of what you want in board size, and quantities, and I will contact you for a more detailed quote!

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Original Proto-Chip breadboard Using Proto-Chip is EASY! YOU can use MANY different devices, and connect them how YOU want them arranged for a proper layout. Design it the way YOU want, before soldering parts on PCB. When satisfied with YOUR layout, solder them down and cut away traces not needed in circuit and add jumper wires to other parts of PCB. Make your circuit in less time, and less hassle!!


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